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'KAMAL' has completed 3 decades of existence! KAMAL is in service of printing and allied Industry has lived well since 1977 it has weathered all storms, met all challenges and tasks. Right from day one to till date 'KAMAL' has been moving on right Tracks. Because of this, today it is recognize by printing and allied Industries across Country. Measuring the performance since 1977 and judging its future plans 'KAMAL' can the rightly taken as successful Industry.

So the Existences since 1977, is not success. Certain set goals were reached like 'KAMAL' Rotary disc Perforating, creasing and half cutting machine in cabinet models. Last few years have been fruitful in this respect at it is matter for satisfaction & joy.

So we can't call this success! If we have to consider this success it will mean we have the target and that is the end of it.

During last twenty years 'KAMAL' has developed power punching Machine as well as punching tools like spiral, wire 'O' & comb punching devices and many others as required by our customers.

During last fifteen years 'KAMAL' has developed 2 in 1 slot perforating machine with creasing attachment first time in India.

During last five years 'KAMAL' has developed one rotary disc perforating machine with half cutting (Sticker-slitting) & micro perforating attachment.

About success SWAMI VIVEKANAND has said 'Take a one idea, Think of it, Dream of it. This is the way of success.'